Water Well Drilling

Well drillingWe take pride in ensuring you the best quality water possible. Here’s what our water well drilling process looks like. To start, we’ll drill a 10-inch diameter hole until solid bedrock is reached. A steel well casing is set into the hole, which gives a 3-inch annular space. The space is then pressure grouted with bentonite or type II portland cement grout. Grouting the well casing should always be done to reduce possible contamination of the aquifer due to surface water and other contaminants possibly leaking into the well.

The bottom portion of the well is usually drilled 6 inches in diameter until an adequate amount of water and/or depth is obtained.

The steel well casing usually stands approximately 12 inches above the ground surface and is sealed by a screen vented well cap. The total drilling time usually takes 1-3 days.

How much water do I need?

This is a common question for water well drilling. The average person uses approximately 60-70 gallons of water per day. A family of four would use approximately 250 gallons per day. Wells that yield as little as half a gallon per minute may be suitable for a family. However, in many cases, a well yields several gallons per minute.